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Samhain Prayer

  In this night where veils are thinnest and the cries of our Beloved Dead can be heard across waves of time, think upon the past, see where your feet have trodden, and learn from the landmarks and trail blazes… Continue Reading →


  Today is Blessed Samhain, And harvest-time is done. The leaves and fruits have fallen; Less warmly shines the sun. The days are crisp and windy, The nighttime brisk and clear. Full bellies and full larders – We slumber without… Continue Reading →


  The season of death and of endings is here And with it comes doubtfulness, worries and fear. But trust in the Lady and trust in the Lord As we all move toward Samhain with a single accord. The pumpkins… Continue Reading →

The Reaper

  Autumn has come in all of its glory; The evening shadows grow deeper. Bounty is won, and low sinks the sun As everything waits for the Reaper.   Turkey and pheasant and duck on the wing Never know when… Continue Reading →


  Ring the bell and light the fire – It’s Samhain once again. Gather in the harvest hall With family and friends. Crops are in and trees are bare And fox soon seeks his den – With cooler days and… Continue Reading →

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