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James Lindenschmidt has been a pagan for more than 2 decades, having explored many neopagan traditions including Wicca, Grail Spirituality, and more recently, Druidry and Heathenry. These days he identifies more with paganism as an ethos rather than a theology. A large part of his spiritual practice is spending as much time in Nature as possible. He enjoys exploring the intersection between fermentation and herbalism at His degree is in philosophy.

A Pagan EDC: Everyday Elemental Tools

I have written before that for me, paganism is a way of living rather than a theology or a specific belief system. At the core of my practice is an awareness of being in relationship with Nature. Despite the many… Continue Reading →

On Pagan Politics: Weaving Together Our Communities, Lifestyles, and History

Here in the US, we are nearing election day. Many of my friends in the Maine Pagan community are working tirelessly in various campaigns they believe in – some are supporting the “Gay Marriage” initiative on the ballot, others are… Continue Reading →

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