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Author Kevin Emmons

Kevin Emmons is a druid priest and a native of Maine. He is a student and colleague of Emma Restall Orr, completing her year-long Living Druidry course in the Cotswolds, England in 2006. In his role as a druid priest he is actively involved with pagan prison ministry and is on the Board of the Maine Pagan Clergy Association. He is also the co-founder of the Druid College - A Center for Nature-based Spirituality.

Remembering Richard Vinton

Richard Vinton, a longtime member of and organizer within the Maine pagan community and beyond, died on Sunday, October 4th, 2020, due to complications of end stage renal failure. He departs for the Summerland mourned by many, and leaves behind… Continue Reading →

EarthTides Revitalized

Dear community, As the newly elected president of EarthTides Pagan Network (EPN), I am reaching out to share some thoughts about the EarthTides organization and about our beautiful community. First of all, I hope you are all safe and well…. Continue Reading →

Welcome to our new website

Greetings Maine Pagans!  Animists/Druids/Heathens/Occultists/Polytheist/Witches all! Welcome. The EarthTides Pagan Network board has been busy! Along with our duties of reconstructing this Organization, the board of EarthTides Pagan Network have been busy working on this updated website (which continues to be… Continue Reading →

The Weaving Follow-Up: Where Do We Go From Here?

So we completed our second annual Weaving ritual this past weekend. I have to say, I am totally amazed at the sense of community and connection that we were able to create. I don’t believe I have ever been in… Continue Reading →

Defining “Pagan”: Coming Together as a Community

Within Paganism we have a seemingly endless list of traditions – and within those traditions, endless variation of practices. Paganism is a living dynamic spiritual path and this can make it very challenging to craft a definition of Paganism people… Continue Reading →

Ethical Consuming

I have been meditating on the ethics of consuming. We as living beings have to consume to live. It is in our nature to use tools, to feed, to create art, to procreate, to preserve and pass on knowledge to… Continue Reading →

Freedom in the Darkness

In many pagan traditions, Samhain is the New Year. In my own tradition of Druidry, this is not the case. As Druidry is a religion of Nature, all our holidays are but a time to gather to honor its tides,… Continue Reading →

The Power of Community

I recently completed a week-long course in timber framing at the Fox Maple School of Traditional Building in Brownfield, Maine. It was a very demanding and intense six days of learning and hard work. Although it was exhausting, I am… Continue Reading →

The Weaving: A Pagan Rite of Vision – October 2012

Song lines entwine. Ancient stories, ever new on misty breath. Air feeds sacred Fire, Warming our hearts and giving honor to our elders. Ancestors called to witness. Dancers whirl. Soul touching Soul touching Soul, we weave a Pagan place. Our… Continue Reading →

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