Dear Maine Pagan Community, 

After 33 years of service to the Maine Pagan community and beyond, we, the Executive Board of EarthTides Pagan Network, are here to let all of you know that EarthTides Pagan Network is retiring as of January 20, 2023.

For over three decades, the EarthTides Pagan Network worked to live up to its mission:

The mission of the EarthTides Pagan Network is to provide opportunities for Pagan groups and solitaries in Maine to connect with each other in positive ways, to advocate for and educate about the Pagan religions, and to encourage and facilitate the ethical and honorable practice of those religions, without in any way limiting that freedom of choice which is so essential to our faiths.”

During the time before the internet, EarthTides Pagan Network was crucial in connecting Maine Pagans across the state. The newsletter, events, and education were crucial in creating Maine’s Pagan community. This work continued for years, as the founders of EarthTides Pagan Network also created the long lived “Beltane on the Beach” and our booth at the annual Common Ground Fair, where many Pagans met other Pagan folk in person for the first time, making new connections to their community.  

EarthTides Pagan Network printed a physical newsletter for many years, which went from paper to digital to a blog site as technology advanced. The newsletter was a connection point for Maine Pagan gatherings and events for decades, and also allowed space for education on a wide variety of Pagan topics. This created many of the Maine Pagan relationships and other groups still in existence today. 

Thankfully, there are now many ways to connect with other Pagans online and in daily life. This has meant that the need for and use of EarthTides as a network has diminished.  After the past few years, it was time to let what was created now come apart.  

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again……

EarthTides will pass the torch along with the donated funds generated over the decades to the following organizations working in many ways for the Maine Pagan community:  

Maine Pagan & Spiritual Alternative Alliance

Maine Pagan Clergy Association

Temple of the Feminine Divine

Pagan History Project 

We are so grateful for our founding members, volunteers, community members, donors, and all those who have participated in many ways over the many years of EarthTides Pagan Network’s existence.

Thank you to the Board Members as well as Kevin Emmons who stood by this Organization while we went through the past few years. 

Blessed Be,

The EarthTides Pagan Network Board:  

Janine Marie Gorham

Nikki Starcat Shields

Brent BlackLion Nelson