Date: September 27, 2020 – 7:00PM – 9:30PM

Location:  Online

Cost:  Free!** (Register Here)

**In lieu of charging a ticket we are asking people who attend to make a donation to Nibezun.

Join Earthtides for a free online workshop exploring implicit bias in pagan practice. This event is an opportunity for self discovery through gazing deeply inward to clarify your personal biases.

Implicit bias can be defined as the automatic unconscious neurobiological processes that influence stereotyping and prejudice. These processes can shape our perceptions, attitudes, and actions toward others. By understanding internal bias, we can make more appropriate choices in our lives and within communities to create spaces of respect and civil justice in Maine.

In this free workshop, cognitive scientist Laura Ligouri of Mindbridge, will help us to learn more about our own internal implicit biases and to explore terms related to implicit bias. Laura’s presentation will be followed by an open-ended discussion about implicit biases within the landscape of modern Paganism.

Laura will be joined by panelists from the Maine Pagan Community who represent a variety of Earth-based Traditions, including Heathenry, Witchcraft, and Druidry. The panel will include Janine Marie Gorham, Earthtides, Heathen, Gythja; Kevin Emmons, Druid College founder, Druid, teacher; and Sheila Marie, Witches of Downeast.

We hope to foster future discussions via multiple workshops that drill into some of the specific areas of bias identified during the workshop. Please join us for an opportunity for self-discovery and community dialogue.

Laura Ligouri is the Executive Director and Founder of Mindbridge, a not-for-profit organization working to transform the impact of local, national and international human rights work by integrating psychological and neurobiological applied research. Mindbridge’s Services include research where interdisciplinary methods and procedures are used to design, collect and analyze data answering questions of central importance to human rights organizations and civil society spaces; assessment where psychological and neurobiological tools are used to help evaluate program performance and impact; and education where the latest in neuropsychological science is made accessible through workshops, seminars and publications, translating research into meaningful impacts in peoples’ lives. Our Implicit Bias Project is a comprehensive training program founded upon psychological and neurobiological sciences. Laura is a lecturer in the Psychology and Honors Programs at the University of Southern Maine where she teaches the Neuropsychology of Implicit Bias. Laura is also a practicing Pagan and member of the Witches of Downeast.

Founded on the principles of psychological and neurobiological research, The Implicit Bias Project is a program that offers analysis-driven instruction paired with practical applications. The purpose of this instruction is to mitigate the implicit bias found within an organization or workplace. In the current climate of cultural divisiveness, political unrest, and global conflict, Mindbridge aims to foster awareness of implicit biases at the root of these crises. The goal: to aid social justice, humanitarian efforts, inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance. After all, to stop human rights violations and abuses, we must first begin to understand what drives them.


We encourage our participants instead of paying a workshop fee to donate to our indigenous organization of choice; Nibezun. As pagans who understand we are living on stolen land, it is our honor and privilege to support the rightful physical and spiritual owners of the land on which we worship. 

Nibezun resides on sacred reclaimed Wabanaki land along the Penobscot River that was successfully repurchased by tribal members through the help of charitable organizations and community members. Nibezun is dedicated to preserving and promoting all aspects of Mi’kmaq, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Maliseet, and Abenaki ceremonies, traditions, customs, and language through practice and education. Nibezun believes culture is medicine, and provides an inclusive space for healing, and promotes sustainability for all people and future generations. According to Nibezun “We believe that by working with our land and our cultural traditions, we can heal ourselves and promote healing in others, and in so doing we can heal the greater environment and recreate the symbiotic, reciprocal relationship with our Mother Earth enjoyed by the ancestors of the Wabanaki People.”