Greetings Maine Pagans!  Animists/Druids/Heathens/Occultists/Polytheist/Witches all!

Welcome. The EarthTides Pagan Network board has been busy! Along with our duties of reconstructing this Organization, the board of EarthTides Pagan Network have been busy working on this updated website (which continues to be a work in progress)! We hope this page will serve as a hub for events for Maine Pagans.

This has been a long time in the making, almost a year.  After a major disruption in our organization, we created compost, so to speak, and used it to fertilize this newly minted website.

A big thank you to Pat Washburn!  Her volunteerism is so much appreciated.

Much appreciation to our board, who has been through a lot this year, and I am so glad that they stepped up and pitched in to create this hub for you, the Maine Pagan Community.

Now, it is up to you!

To list your public events, to share your musings, your art and your energies!